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Harris Caretracker EMR Features

With Harris Caretracker EMR, providers can introduce a new method of managing tasks that streamlines the work and provides the comfort of knowing that there is accountability to address patient issues promptly.

  • Processes prescription refill requests 24 hours a day
  • Monitors, measures, and escalates all clinical messages
  • Provides chart summaries, flow sheets, registry flags, and clinical notes with the click of a mouse
  • Gives caregivers the option to use as little or as much structure and decision support as they desire, with options for voice, point and click, and text
  • Allows physicians to transition to an EMR without working more hours or sacrificing revenue
  • Gives easy access from any web-connected device

Cloud Computing Technology

CareTracker EHR is built with cloudcomputing technology so you get instant updates, reliable connectivity, and access to complete global content all for a lower total cost of ownership. With Harris CareTracker, you simply pay a low monthly subscription fee: no more hassles with architecture management, software, IT fees, or obsolete technology. From any Internet-connected computer, physicians can access a secure web interface that is connected to a network of labs, pharmacists, specialists, and hospitals.

CareTracker EHR is available with a low upfront investment and an affordable monthly subscription that allows you to pay as you go. Migrating to an EHR solution is easier than you think; with our modular implementation options, you only pay for what you use. What’s more, all interfaces are built and maintained by Harris, so you can be paperless on the first day of implementation. CareTracker EHR provides an almost immediate return on investment: Harris hosts the software and a central library of interfaces so you’ll have instant access to the updates you need.


Increase Revenue
Decrease Expenses
Improve Patient Care
Achieve Meaningful Use

"Harris Caretracker EMR is helping us increase reimbursements in a pay-for-performance program by capturing and reporting on quality measures across our five clinics"

-Dr. Pablo Rodriguez, president and CEO of Women’s Care

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