Appointment Reminders

A patient who makes an appointment, but fails to show – wastes one of the group's greatest assets – its time

Elizabeth Woodcock, MBA, FACMPE, CPC, Atlanta, GA

Medenet provides appointment reminder services for better time management

Medenet Specializes in

  • Techniques to effectively reduce cancellations
  • Timing and content of appointment confirmation calls
  • Texting, email, and other alternatives to traditional appointment reminders
  • Creating priority wait lists

By providing reminders to our patients of forthcoming appointments this will reduce the number of missed appointments and allow patients to re-schedule to a convenient time

Appointment Scheduling

A structured appointment scheduling system can go a long way toward improving revenue and increasing patient satisfaction in a medical practice.

Outsourcing patient scheduling to Medenet can yield significant operational and clinical efficiencies, while driving revenue into the practice with filled schedules

  • Centralized appointment scheduling provides a seamless extension of the practice with Care Coordinators following specific office protocols, so your patients experience consistency in service level and brand representation
  • Improved patient access to care through extended hours of appointment scheduling means your office will not miss an opportunity to capture revenue
  • Decreased no-show rates through automated appointment reminders support operational efficiencies and contribute to captured revenue

Patient Connect

There are many opportunities to communicate critical information to patients and providers, and these types of tasks don’t always have to be burdened on the physician staff. Communication is crucial to effective patient care and disease management, which also has the opportunity to improve quality and minimize potential waste in cost and time of repeat visits.

Patient outreach services administered via live voice or through automated solutions are specifically tailored to the needs of the providers to:

  • Remind patients of an upcoming screening or test with necessary pre-appointment planning via automated appointment reminders
  • Promote upcoming flu shot clinics or health events with the ability to direct connect back to the practice or Medenet contact center for patient scheduling
  • Encourage participation and registration of patient portal to help meet Meaningful Use objectives
  • Survey patients for feedback on clinical or operational improvement opportunities or service recovery

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