Billing & Reimbursement Management

  • We scrub the claims per industry standard coding guidelines.
  • CPT-Modifier Evaluation
  • CPT-ICD Sequencing Checks
  • Bundling & Unbundling Evaluation
  • LCD / NCD / CCI Edits are validated
  • Integrated workflow for fast and clean claims resulting in a quick turnaround from payors
  • Efficient A/R follow-up delivered through proven processes

Tailor Made Service Delivery

  • Each practice is unique & we provide tailor made solutions
  • Optimized results at low cost
  • Reduce AR days achieved through emphasis on clean claim editors in our software systems and specific to client speciality and payer rules.
  • Robust and cost effective software systems propelling your practice growth

Robust & Cost effective software systems propelling your growth

Medenet Takes Extra Care

Our team checks insurance eligibility, tracks claims, monitors & implements payor rules changes, and communicates to you concise information on issues impacting your practice.

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